Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy New Year!

I'm back! And wow where do I start? Well first of all I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! I’ve pretty much been on holiday till now with the exception of the really busy work week I had leading up to the holiday season…which would explain the disappearance from the site.

I spent Christmas in KL with my family and then for the New Year I took a one week holiday and went to Penang my hometown. Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with Penang it is a foodie heaven. Food can be found anywhere and everywhere…on the beach, roadsides, back alleys you name it. Some of the best food in Malaysia comes from there…and with saying that I’m sure you would be expecting an entry filled with exotic delicacies but I’m going to have to disappoint you…the thing about Penang is that the best food is served in stalls that are often in obscure and remote locations. Most locals know where to find these places and know where the good stuff is…I’m a fake local though. I only lived there till I was about 3…after that I holidayed there with family every few years. Most of the time our dad would take us to the stalls…but this time I was with my boyfriend and we decided to spend our time at the beach and pool instead. After all what is a holiday if you have rules on where and when to eat?

That’s the beauty of vacationing…food rules go out the window. You may “try” to stick to a healthy diet but what’s the point? You’re supposed to be relaxing and not stressing…and that is exactly what I did. I ate when I felt like it…it actually feels better when you follow your own body clock to eat rather than having a set breakfast, lunch and dinner schedule. There were days where we had lunch at 12 and days where we had it at 3…never once did I go hungry! I just ate when my tummy grumbled…

Since I’m living in Asia and I eat local food almost everyday I decided to go for some of my western favorites throughout the week. This included a burger of course!
Along with fish & chips…a full set brunch with bacon, eggs etc. and I was also introduced to an interesting concoction of fried anchovies with caramelised onions and sausage by my boyfriend R. While it sounds a little strange it’s actually a perfect accompaniment to an ice cold beer. Pair that with the ocean and its total bliss….

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