Monday, February 04, 2008

Bread Glorious Bread!

Ok, so for some this might be ordinary news...your parent buys a new kitchen appliance and you don't even notice. And if you do you probably do the customary "Oh..that's nice"...and you leave it at that.

But when I found out that my parents bought a bread maker I instantly got excited!! Can you imagine the power of this? Freshly baked bread! Just the thought of the aroma permeating throughout the house sends chills up my spine!

Just think about entertaining dinner guests and serving them a selection of bread made right in your own kitchen… “Would you like a sun-dried tomato loaf? Or a parmesan oregano bun perhaps? Maybe a slice of garlic herb instead?”

You can bribe neighbors and friends with wonderful concoctions! Especially in a country like this where great bread is hard to come by… “Hi there! I brought over an apricot walnut loaf…can I borrow that really cute dress of yours?”

And just imagine the delectable sandwiches I could make…a slice of smoked salmon with a squeeze of lemon and a dollop of fresh cream served on a peppery onion bun…what a delight!

Now I’ve just got to figure out if this thing makes Baguettes…if that happens you may never see me again. I’ll become a recluse locked up at home baking bread all day! Oh my!

But let’s not talk crazy talk…

Do any of you have bread recipes? Do you have experience with a bread maker? If so I’d appreciate any comments on this. I hope to bake something the next time I visit my parents!

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w. said...

Bread's actually really easy to make - a basic recipe is really just flour, (warm) water, yeast, and a little salt & sugar. From there you can make endless variations of fruit/nut/flavoured loaves.

As for baguettes, if I'm not wrong all you'll be able to do in the bread machine is the mixing, kneading and rising. You still have to shape and bake the baguette on your own in a conventional oven.

Anyway, you really don't need a bread maker to make bread. :P Let me know if you need recipes - my email's on my website. :)