Monday, October 20, 2008

Back Once Again!

It's been months and I'm sure I've lost everyone's attention...but when you get as busy as I've been...and when you don't have a kitchen to cook in regularly the motivation tends to die off...but I now have a kitchen again and my creative juices have been working! So much so that I had a dream about a recipe last night which I will attempt in the weeks to come...but imagine that...dreaming up unique recipes!

Here's what I've been playing with since I've started cooking again:

1. I cooked Quinoa for the first time and LOVED it. I now make it regularly as a replacement for rice. What a wonderful grain! So full of protein and other health properties.

2. I made a pizza dough from scratch for the first time as well. I thought it would be difficult and I prepared myself for the worst. Making the dough was alright and I think I struggled the most with rolling it out(didn't have a rolling pin)...other than that though it turned out wonderful...crispy and chewy in all the right places.

3. I've been shopping at the market(I've always shopped in grocery stores) on Sunday evenings and have been so excited with the variety of fresh produce. It inspires me to try different dishes experimenting here and there. That's how I ended up making a salad with pomegranate, dragon fruit, avocado and dried figs. All of this was tossed with a squeeze of pomegranate juice, a dash of lemon, and a splash of olive oil.

My next project will be to bake bread. I've never done this before and it scares me...but I will try it out and you'll hear about it for sure! I hope my new found motivation and excitement will have you coming back for more...


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Your salad sounds delicious! Good to experiment. :-) And hey, welcome back...been missing your posts!

Lorraine E said...

Welcome back Alexandra! Sounds like you've been busy with all sorts of good food adventures :)

Alexandra said...

lyrical_lemongrass - Glad to be back!The salad was very yummy...I enjoy experimenting with salads :)

lorraine_e - Thanks! And I certainly have been busy..hope to post some of my creations soon

Tom said...

Could you advise where you can purchase Quinoa in KL. I wouldlike to give it a try.

Alexandra said...

Hi Tom,

You can get Quinoa in Bangsar either at Village Grocers, Woods Macrobiotics or Country Farm Organics. You can also find it at Just Life in Ikano. This is where I find it...I'm sure there are many places though :) Good luck with trying it out!