Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Indulgence Restaurant

If you go to Ipoh regularly there’s a treat that should not be missed. And even if Ipoh is not in your itinerary, I’m about to give you a reason to make it a permanent travel destination. Indulgence, can give any five star restaurant in KL a run for its money.

Julie Song has created a luxurious niche market in Ipoh offering imported seasonal produce cooked with care. She is, after all, the head chef and owner of Indulgence and expects nothing less than perfection.

The décor is cosy and inviting, beckoning for you to stay for a long enjoyable evening. Her employees are armed with the knowledge of food and wine and they know how to make sure you have a pleasant dining experience without being overly present.

My eight course feast left in Julie’s capable hands kicked off with a platter of small decadent bites; a seven mushroom bruschetta, a peppery Fois Gras, avocado sorbet, seared scallops, assorted fresh sashimi and Kumamato oysters.

A sampler of soup followed with a cream of asparagus with truffle oil and a cold fresh beetroot concoction accompanied by caramelised onions on a wrapped salted cod.
Next I enjoyed the dish known as Chintzy, crab prepared in three different ways.
A citrusy grapefruit ocean trout palate cleanser followed before the delicious mains were brought out.
Tender duck served with a pumpkin risotto, crisp fried chicken with braised fennel, and a roast lamb in a red wine reduction served with a pea cake and seared radicchio.

By this time I was spinning on a high from a perfectly executed meal and that is when the beautiful desserts made their way to our table. First, a thick rich tiramisu wrapped in a hard chocolate encasing topped with strawberries followed by a dessert platter; baked apples with a hazelnut gelato, pistachio ice cream topped with a green tea crumble, a cheese tart, a chocolate fondant, and a berry cherry financier accompanied by a fresh fig and crème fraiche.

This is a restaurant that certainly lives up to its name. Each dish is unique, luxurious, fresh, and a treat for the palate. Julie sure knows how to spoil her guests!

To get the full Indulgence experience I would recommend you stay at one of the rooms in her boutique hotel. There are six rooms with different themes.I stayed at the Moroccan Suite that was beautifully designed. Impeccable decor and service!

Indulgence Restaurant and Living
14 Jalan Raja Dihilir, Ipoh
Tel: 05.255 7051
Hours: Wednesday – Saturday 9am – 11.30pm


Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Lovely meal and you got to stay in the hotel too? You lucky thing! :o

Dharm said...

Sounds like a treat. Must try this place out one day!

Alexandra said...

Lorraine - The hotel was a delight! But that food...simply delicious!

Dharm - You'll enjoy it!

carol said...

omigawd! it all looks sooo delicious! you've got to bring me there! *grinz*

Alexandra said...

Carol - You would love it there! We gotta go sometime...btw glad to see you're no longer posting as anon! hehehe...