Monday, February 09, 2009

Accidental Butter

The other day when I was whipping cream to make it stiff I created a beautiful thing...butter! I have a special whip setting on my food processor and I let it whip for a few seconds while I got distracted with some dish washing and before you know it I had beautiful lumpy butter. It's a funny thing to get excited about...but for some reason I smile every time I see these photos...I've also used it since to spread on bread and to cook my eggs and it seems even more delicious because it's 'Butter a la Alexandra'.

Why would anyone want to buy butter when it's this easy to make?

Step 1: Pour cream into your food processor(if you have a whisk setting) or whisk it with a hand mixer on high...and if you don't have either of those fancy schmancy machines...pour the cream into a bottle...seal the bottle and shake it like a polaroid picture!

Ta-da! You have butter!

If you intend to keep this for a long time then you should wash the butter...this gets rid of the buttermilk residue so it doesn't spoil so fast...rinse it with plain water and then keep it in a sealed container or wrap it with baking paper. You can also add salt to your butter if you'd like it salted...or even create all sorts of herb concoctions.

So...once again I ask...why would you want to ever buy butter when it's this easy to make?


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Hmmmm. Didn't realise butter was so easy to make! Good discovery there!

Alexandra said...

hehe...some things are best discovered by accident :)

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Very cool! I accidentally almost did this once. I like the sound of Butter a la Alexandra too :P

Vivien said...

ummm, butter are made from whipped cream? wat a discovery

Alexandra said...

Lorraine - It's much easier to accidentely make butter than most would think :)

Vivien - Cool huh? hehehe...try it out!

Lianne said...

my hubby accidently made these last week too, with sugar in it :-) I found it so amusing coz never knew that butter is so easy to make. nice blog there :-)