Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sage - Birthday Dinner

Ever since I heard about the opening of Sage, Cilantro's sister restaurant, I was excited! I had only dined at Cilantro once but the experience was memorable...extremely tender ox cheek...creamy fois gras...and delightful desserts...Chef Takashi Kimura is one of the elite chefs in the dining scene here in KL...his background is in French cuisine, but he has infused it with Japanese touches...this beautiful yet simple fusion works well together especially when paired with the freshest ingredients available.

Chef Takashi's vision for Sage is to emphasize on the original taste of the ingredients rather than masking it with heavy sauces...he opts for light sauces and where possible he cooks the food in their own juices to maximise the original flavours.

This is why I was over the moon thrilled when R decided to take me to Sage for dinner as my birthday present! I read up on every little detail on all the blogs I could find...and I had made most of my choices already by the time I got to the restaurant...unfortunately some of the menu items had changed and so I asked the server for recommendations instead.

We both decided to go for the dinner menu which is 3 courses for RM140 net. This is a very reasonable price to pay considering it is a fine dining establishment that uses only the highest quality ingredients.

You'll see a trend below between R's choices and mine...he loves his fish and I love my meat...hehehe...

An amuse bouche kicked off the evening...

It was a spoonful of gelatinous chicken with a miso be honest this first bite had me a little worried as I didn't particularly enjoy it...probably because there was a strong chicken taste and I'm not a big fan of chicken.

My worries disappeared however when my starter made it's way to the table...

I went with the Wagyu Beef Consomme with Mushrooms...when the bowl first arrived it was filled with thin raw slices of beautiful pinkish red wagyu and a heap of mushrooms underneath...the server then came with a teapot filled with boiling consomme and poured it on to the meat which then proceeded to lightly cook it...this was superb! The broth was rich and flavourful and the pieces of meat were at the perfect doneness upon each bite...the mushrooms also added a nice flavour depth.

R went with the Linguini and tempura battered fish and roe...I only had a taste of the pasta but that was tasty on it's own. The fish roe added a nice saltiness to the dish.

Despite the fact that I had ordered a beef starter I could not resist ordering more beef for my main...

I went with the seared Angus fillet served with daikon and mustard sauce...this was amazing! The beef is cooked on a hot stone which makes the outside crispy and the middle super tender...true to Chef Takashi's style the sauce was light allowing the beautiful flavours of the meat to come through...sigh...I'm getting hungry for it just thinking about it now...

R went with the poached Seabass with mushrooms...I had a little bite of the fish which was nice and light...the whole dish must have been good though because R hoovered it up before I was half way through my main...

And then it was time for the dessert and this was the one thing that was recommended on many of the blogs I read and so I knew I had to try it...

The Almond Blanc Manger with a mango sorbet, passion fruit and a vanilla gelee...this was creamy and fruity and all the different ingredients delivered a beautiful symphonic pairing!

R went with the Strawberries served with sugar and marscapone ice cream...R doesn't usually like strawberries but this was recommended and he gave it a try...I think after this dish he can't say he doesn't like strawberries anymore...he said they tasted really good with the sugar and the ice cream...once again I only had a bite so I'll go on his word!

Sage was the perfect choice for a wonderful birthday treat! Thanks again R...I love you!

6th Floor
The Gardens
MidValley City
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (03) 2 268 1188

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