Thursday, February 12, 2009

What are you doing on Valentine's Day?

I will often tell you I don't believe in Valentine's day...and it's not that I'm not a romantic (because I am as romantic as they get) and that I personally would not like to recieve tokens of love...but it's more on the fact that I believe these loving gestures should be done all year round...without a specific date to prompt it.

With that said though...I just found out that Wall's Cornetto is giving out 100,000 Cornetto cones on Valentine's to celebrate the season of love and friendship...Who can say no to free ice cream in the spirit of love right?Wall's will be giving out their Cornetto Disc Chocolate and Vanilla and will be encouraging people to pass it on to a friend, family or special that's what I call love !

Look out for your ice cream on Valentine's from 2-5pm at Berjaya Times Square, One Utama Shopping Centre, Gurney Plaza, Jusco Queensbay Mall, City Square Plaza and Plaza Angsana.


Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Oooh free ice creams, what a great idea although I don't know if anyone would give anyone else their ice cream. I know I wouldn't (although I would share it) :P

Alexandra said...

haha I actually wondered about that...I think most ppl would go to get the ice cream for themselves...which kinda defeats the purpose...but then again it is FREE ice cream :-P

Dharm said...

Yeah! I'm with you that Valentines is just all commercial and romance should be celebrated every day. So you taking me out for Cornetto??!! LOL! Happy Valentines Day Alex!

Alexandra said...

Dharm - hahaha! Maybe next time ;-) But I'm sure your kids will love going for their free cornettos! Happy Valentines!