Thursday, April 16, 2009


Schokolart...this work of has my heart...

R and I decided to head over there for a nice Sunday teatime treat...something to cheer us up a bit as the weather had been stormy and dreary all day! We were pleased to discover that Schokolart has a great high tea special where for RM35 (weekend price for two) you can enjoy goodies such as cake, homemade chocolate ganache, fine tea biscuits, freshly baked scones, mini sandwiches and a choice of coffee or tea. This made our order a no brainer and we added on the chocolate chicken satay...something interesting and different...

Once we placed our order our server led us to the glass casing holding gorgeous sculpted chocolates in exotic flavours. With so many to choose from we found it almost impossible to decide on just three. We settled for the raspberry wasabi, coconut curry, and Szechuan pepper as they seemed like the most intriguing flavours. We also pick our slice of cake and decide to go with the Tropikana, a rich chocolate cake with fruit within the layers.
Once we’re back at our table I dive for the raspberry wasabi ganache. It has a pretty white chocolate exterior in the shape of a heart. As I take a bite, raspberry fills my senses and just as I’m about to say that I can’t taste the wasabi it hits the back of my throat in a light punch. The coconut curry has a creamier texture but I have a bit of trouble picking out the distinct flavours and in the end it tastes like a very smooth creamy chocolate...but I certainly don't have anything against creamy chocolates! The Szechuan pepper is interesting and the little hints of spicy pepper add an edge to the rich chocolate. The pepper doesn’t overpower but rather plays beautifully on the tongue simultaneously with the chocolate.

The Tropikana cake tastes similar to a blackforest cake with a little more was alright...hardly anything to shout about and I must say all the other items stood out more.

Just as I’m done with the cake and chocolate the rest of the spread is laid before us:

Fresh hot scones, two mini sandwiches (tuna and turkey), some tea biscuits and the chocolate chicken satay.

I eagerly take a stick of satay that has been marinated in dark chocolate and spices and chomp down. It is sweet, smoky, not entirely chocolately and it works. The peanut sauce on the side tastes more like a creamy peanut butter which I guess is fitting with the chocolate undertone of the dish. The only thing I wasn’t too happy about were some fatty pieces of chicken which is normal in satay but not to my preference. The mini sandwiches were a nice savoury touch giving our palate a break from all the sweetness. I also enjoyed the warm scones which were delicious topped with fresh cream and strawberry jam; sinful!

This lovely tea time treat certainly lifted our spirits despite the bad weather.

Block K-01-05
Soho KL @ Solaris Mont Kiara
2 Jalan Solaris
Tel: 03.6203 0968


Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

That is a very interesting, eclectic combination of flavours there. I thought I misread it when I saw chocolate chicken satay! Good to hear that it worked in the end :)

Anonymous said...

most ppl will probably go ga-ga over those luscious desserts, but the sandwiches were actually most appealing to me! I see that gooey melting cheese and I'm all weak knees!

Anita said...

I agree with not liking the fatty parts of the chicken, it detracts from the dish a bit. And yes, I did go ga-ga over the desserts :)

Arwen from Hoglet K said...

The raspberry and wasabi chocolate sounds amazing! I'm a bit disappointed about the satay sauce being like peanut butter though.

Alexandra@Chefspiration said...

Lorraine - The minute I heard chocolate chicken satay I knew I had to try it out! It's actually a very nice flavour combination.

BurpandSlurp - Oh I know...I'm not so much of a dessert person...I always prefer savoury dishes especially if salty. Salt is my weakness! Also give me melted cheese any my heart goes out every time...

Anita - Unfortunately many places that serve some of the best satay here always have it with fatty parts...I think some ppl enjoy it...not me though I prefer pure meat.

Arwen - Oh yes who would have thought that raspberry and wasabi are a match made in heaven! And the peanutbuttery satay sauce was alright but I preferred the satay without any sauce.

sue said...

This is the 3rd time I've read about Schokolart. Once on masak-masak's blog, second on yours, and just a few minutes ago on Time Out Magazine. Haha. It must be a sign for me to go there. It looks gorgeous. But some of the combination sounds quite..umm..'interesting', but i'm still goin to try it anyways!

Alexandra@Chefspiration said...

Sue - Haha yes it must eb a sign! Go try it out...the interesting combinations are really very good :)