Monday, February 11, 2008

The Daily Grind -- Fresh and Innovative Burgers

Over the CNY break I promised to take R to The Daily Grind at Bangsar Village for dinner...I had been going on and on about it ever since I had lunch there 2times over the past few weeks with colleagues and he was curious to find out why.

The Daily Grind is what one would call a gourmet diner...the main food type they serve is burgers...beef, chicken, mushroom, veggie, name it! All of the meat is ground fresh just as you order, which is why the menu states that there is a 15min wait for a burger. They even make specialty burgers according to the month...This month's was something special for CNY...a Shanghainese burger with a tangy sauce and oyster mushrooms. Apart from burgers there are some appetizers on the menu along with a few varieties of salads...there are also some meat dishes known as the bunless wonders...but all in all I would pretty much call it a burger joint.
Another thing that makes this place unique is the fact that the sauces are all homemade...the ketchup, chili, and even mustard. These sauces go really well with a round of fries...another special thing about The Daily Grind is that fries are refillable...if you finish up a bowl and have room for more just ask!

The first time I visited I ordered a veggie burger...this was a bun topped with onion rings, a mushroom tempura, some veggies and a cheddar cheese sauce. I found it to be very creamy and filling. The mushroom tempura was crispy and light while the onion rings had a hint of sweetness. The cheese sauce gave it the added richness.

The second time I opted to try a garlic chicken salad...this was tasty, aromatic and fresh! The chicken grilled and tossed in a butter garlic sauce was served on a bed of lettuce and sun dried tomatoes and topped off with a garlic vinagrette. This was wonderful...slightly pricey at RM18...but totally worth it!

Last Friday evening I finally got to bring R there...the only bad thing was that he had visited his aunt's place for lunch and was over stuffed by the time we got to The Daily Grind!! So what did he end up getting?
The soup of the interesting cream of applemint. I must say the flavors in this were phenomenal. It was sweet and creamy without being too heavy...paired with a piece of garlic bread and it made a wonderful light meal.I on the other hand had an appetite and so I decided to go for the beef burger since I hadn't tried it yet. Honestly, the beef burger comes second to Fogal...but the reason I'll keep returning is the fact that they have many interesting gourmet burgers...A Japanese Yodel which is a combination of Portabella and Porcini mushrooms in a fondue sauce...A decadent Fois Gras burger...I'll be sure to try only on a special occasion...even a Roquefort Burger...or an Avacado Chicken burger...the choices are endless...especially for burger freaks like me!

While I would say this takes a toll on your paycheck with the traditional burger starting at RM23 and going up to RM55 for something a little more interesting...I do believe it makes a perfect "once in a while" treat. The chef stresses on quality...all the ingredients are fresh and seasonal. You won't find a more creative burger in Malaysia...unless of course you make one yourself....
Oh I almost forgot! If you have room for dessert give the Peanutbutter and Roasted Banana pie a is truly a sinful delight!


carol said...

omigawd!!! i'm hungry as it is and your blog is sooooooo NOT helping!

and now i gotta gotta go to this daily grind place! =)

Janet said...

i hope that you thought of me as you had the shanghai special burger

BuffaFly said...

how much is the cake?