Monday, February 11, 2008

A Wonderful Work in Progress

Last night I had a very strong urge to go for Nasi Lemak. It's not a dish I ordinarily order or even would say is a favorite and yet I was craving it. So R and I hopped in the car and drove to BSC to eat at the cafe in House+Co. A strange place to go for Nasi Lemak one might think...but I read Lyrical Lemongrasses blog on it and it sounded interesting...just take a look at the photo on her blog and you might understand why...the presentation is gorgeous!

But as things go wasn't meant to be. House+Co was closed for the Chinese New Year and that left us with nothing...we strolled around for a while and I saw it...WIP(Work in Progress)...this was yet another restaurant I had read about on Lyrical Lemongrasses blog.

WIP has an interesting concept going on. The restaurant is supposed to look like some sort of construction site. The waiters wear bandanas with a lamp attached to their heads...along with overalls. There is even construction tape surrounding the patio sounds like some cheesy concept and yet somehow it works...We chose to sit outside and found it to be a very romantic location...The speakers above us were playing catchy jazz tunes drowning out the sounds of cars whizzing on the main road. The powerful fans blasting mist kept the atmosphere cool and comfortable as we browsed through the diverse menu filled with local, western and indian delights.

Neither of us were especially hungry so we figured we would share a soup of the day(Cream of Asparagus) along with a Hawaiian pizza. We also both opted for ice water instead of ordering a drink. This is a great way to test service in a restaurant. Ordinarily if you just order ice water they'll bring you the initial glass and you have to chase them down just to get a refill...and yet somehow when you buy a drink(preferably alcoholic) they don't hesitate to come by every few minutes checking if you have finished...sometimes asking you if you'd like another when you're only halfway through. I believe plain water should get the same amount of attention! main reasons for drinking it are not to cut costs but because I want to be healthy instead of pumping myself with sugar/alcohol at every meal.

But anyway I digress...back to the meal. The soup was light and creamy accompanied by a crispy piece of garlic baguette. It was an enjoyable start to the meal.
Next up came the was topped with onions, peppers, turkey, and pineapple. It was light and the crust was thin and crispy just the way I like it! I asked for tabasco for my few slices and R asked for chili flakes and both were brought out almost immediately upon flagging someone down.

I found the service to be very attentive and I never had to look for someone to fill my water glass. One of the waiters came by the table every so often to make sure it was filled to the brim. The waiters were friendly and brought out everything in a timely fashion.

I definitely recommend this place...and the outside patio area is great for couples. The tables are lit by candlelight and the jazz tunes set the tone...WIP may just be a work in progress...but it'd definitely headed in the right direction.
Bangsar Shopping Centre
Ground Floor

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Anonymous said...

love the way you write or rather the way you chide yourself! like the way you go "i digress" or "i lied"

it's like reading a book, the flow of reading is so smooth... =) and it really makes you wanna go out and try eating at those places in your blog...and i'm not saying this cos i'm hungry or anything, cos i'm not, just had chocolates...