Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Swamped with work!

I have been so incredibly swamped with work that not only have I not been able to blog...but I've barely eaten out and I haven't even had the chance to cook...which in turn gives me absolutely no material to entertain you with...so what does a blogger do when faced with such a situation?

Cut and paste a food review she's already written for her magazine of course...I got the chance to review the St. Patrick's Day menu at Delaney's Irish Pub for our March issue...so I figured I would share it with you...here goes:

Where is one able to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in Kuala Lumpur with traditional Irish food and entertainment? There is no better place than at Delaney’s where there are no strangers, only friends we've yet to meet.

St. Patrick’s Day is an annual feast day that takes place on 17 March. It is a day to celebrate Saint Patrick, one of the patron saints of Ireland. The most well known custom on this occasion is the practice of wearing green, the color of shamrocks and the national color of the Emerald Isle.

While you won’t find green beer here, Delaney’s will be offering all sorts of Irish specialties on the menu along with cheerful entertainment.

As I sat down to take in the friendly atmosphere I was presented with a pint of Guinness and Kilkenny to start off with. I found both to be very pleasant and smooth.

After the drinks, a slew of traditional favourites followed...

a Beef and Guinness pie - Juicy pieces of beef in a rich Guinness sauce
an Irish Lamb stew- Tender stewed lamb with mashed potatoes

Colcannon- Mashed potatoes topped with cabbage and scallions...

Pork medallion - Pork fillets wrapped with bacon

and even black pudding.

The pie is very rich with a tender piece of meat with each bite. The fries served on the side are wonderful when dipped into the thick sauce. On the lighter side, the Irish stew is cooked in a clear broth with chunks of lamb and is served with mashed potatoes at the bottom of the dish to thicken it. The colcannon is a typical side dish of mashed potatoes topped with cabbage and scallions; it’s a perfect accompaniment to any of the main dishes. The pork medallion is tender and comes seared and wrapped with a piece of smoky bacon for added flavour. As for the black pudding, it was my first time trying such a dish...so I was a little apprehensive at first... but I found the flavours to be pleasant and not too overwhelming.

Once the plates were taken away I was offered an Irish coffee. This is a strong mix of Jameson Whiskey, coffee, hand whipped cream, and chocolate powder. It had just the right kick to send me on my way home.

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