Wednesday, November 26, 2008

All I Want for Christmas...

Every year loved ones ask me "what do you want for Christmas?"...and every year I'll reply with the standard:

"Oh you don't need to get me a gift"

"I'll be happy with anything! After all it's the thought that counts"

This year is different though...because I have a kitchen that needs a LOT of things before I can be happy with it...and since I know my loved ones will get me gifts no matter what, I've decided to put up a little wishlist to make it easier since these are all things I need for a proper functional kitchen.

If you were planning on getting me a gift for Christmas here are some things you can consider:
  1. Set of Plates (Right now I'm using plastic plates that belong to my housemate)
  2. Glasses (Yes I'm using plastic glasses too)
  3. Meat Thermometer
  4. Box Grater with four grating surfaces
  5. Kitchen Scale
  6. Blender
  7. Glass Tupperware
  8. A Pepper Mill
  9. A set of Ramekins and a Blow Torch (So I can try my hand at creme brulee)
  10. Pretty Serving Plates for dinner parties or for blog photography
  11. Baking Pans in all shapes and sizes
  12. A set to grow my own herb garden (Small pots, soil, different seed packets of herbs)
  13. An apron and pot holders
  14. Spice Rack
  15. A Set of Knives (My gorgeous Global Chef's Knife could use some friends in different shapes and sizes)
  16. Wooden Block so my Knives have a home
  17. Glass Mixing Bowls
  18. Steaming Rack for Vegetables
  19. Glass Casserole Dish

I'm also always happy with Gourmet Ingredients from Gourmandines... specialty salts, oils, spices...mmm...

These will help me build a great kitchen and they'll be useful for years to come!


Lorraine E said...

I should write up one of these lists too! Good idea!

Alexandra said...

hehe...if all else fails at least I have a list of what I need to start saving for ;-)