Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Bon Ga: Korean BBQ

Over the Chinese New Year break R and I decided to try out a new place to eat...I hadn't been to a Korean BBQ in years and I was craving spicy kim chee as well as thin tasty strips of bulgogi so we decided on a place in Bangsar known as Bon Ga.

It's a small family operated restaurant with only 10 tables on the second floor of a shop lot building...Prices here are reasonable and we settled on the Bulgogi Beef (RM30) and the Seasoned Chicken (RM30). Both of these come with refillable side dishes.

The sides served in small dishes were laid out: Crispy scallion pancakes
Crunchy spicy fried anchovies

Sauteed bean sprouts

and Korean style mashed potatoes

There was also kim chee, sauteed spinach and thin strips of fish cake but the photos didn't turn out. I especially enjoyed the kim was tart and tangy with a nice chilli bite to it.

Once the sides were nicely laid out our waiter turned on the grill in the middle of our table and started grilling our chicken and beef for us.
The beef was done on a separate hot plate so that they would both be cooked in time for us to enjoy.

The food was delicious and the service was very attentive. I'm sure I'll be back for more :) Bon Ga is located right across from Bangsar Village 2, above the DVD shop next to Devi's.

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Ivy said...

Everything sounds delicious. Happy New Year.