Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bavarian Bierhaus

As I mentioned before, my current job has me going on all kinds of exciting food reviews and this is a writeup of one I did yesterday:

If ice cold beers, spiced sausages, crispy pork knuckle and tart sauerkraut appeal to you, then the Bavarian Bierhaus is the place to be. Located on the ground floor at the outdoor section of The Curve, this restaurant gives you a feeling of what it might be like to travel to Germany or Bavaria to be exact.

The menu offers typical Bavarian fare along with a unique beverage list featuring specialty imported and boutique beers. I was told that this is the only restaurant in South East Asia that carries these boutique labels that are created yearly in Germany for Oktoberfest. There are about 10-20 varieties created in a year...I'm sure you already know how I feel about beer so this was a great experience for me!

My meal started off with a Pancetta Salad; a vibrant mix of french beans, quail eggs, tuna chunks, and cherry tomatoes tossed with a sweet onion vinaigrette and topped with crispy pancetta. It was fresh and light, a great start to a meat heavy meal.
Next up was a Hungarian Beef Goulash; a hearty and peppery soup with tender chunks of beef and potatoes. Its stew like consistency makes it a perfect meal on its own.

At this point in time the beer was brought out and I got a chance to sample the Paulaner Original along with the boutique beer known as Hacker-Pschorr. The Original is the Paulaner brewery’s number one best seller. I found it to be tangy, light, fruity, and only a tad bitter. The Hacker-Pschorr on the other hand was lighter with a crisp feel, a slight raisin taste and a medium bitterness. Of the five Paulaner brands the Bavarian Bierhaus carries four and they import one specialty boutique beer a month.

The next dish set on the table was the house specialty, Pork Knuckle. The chef came to our table and explained the detailed cooking process. The pork is first boiled for two and a half hours in some Paulaner beer along with other ingredients. After that it roasts for an hour and twenty minutes to get the crispy outer layer. A rich sauce is then made with the pork stock and mustard. Due to this long cooking process the restaurant only makes 50-60 pork knuckles each morning. This dish was rich and flavourful; the crispy skin was the best part!
A huge mixed sausage platter followed with varieties such as German Bratwurst, Thueringer, Emmenthaler, Hungarian, Veal and Nuernberger. This dish is accompanied with potato salad, sour cabbage, and three dipping sauces. Each sausage had a distinctive flavour and the different sauces complimented them well. This dish is large enough for a few people to share.

My lunch finished off with a Choc Madeleine which was a moist baked chocolate cake with pineapple jam, ripple ice cream and fudge. The cake was very light and moist; a perfect end to the meal.

The Bavarian Bierhaus has a very relaxed setting and is a great place to relax, have a few beers and enjoy a hearty meal. During the week they offer a Carlsberg happy hour from 6pm – 8pm and on football nights they project the game on a large screen. The ultimate feel of the place is a sports bar with a Bavarian twist.

Bavarian Bierhaus

The Curve Shopping Centre

Mutiara Damansara, PJ

Hours: 12 – 12

Pork is Served


Anonymous said...

As I recall, you didn't finish the beer.

Alexandra said...

lol! it was LUNCH...and I had to get back to work afterwards to finish up my articles for deadlines!!